ID Mesh Office Chair
ID Mesh Office Chair
ID Mesh Office Chair
ID Mesh Office Chair-WB SEATING

ID Mesh Office Chair

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ID Mesh Office Chair by Vitra

The ID Chair  offers countless customisation options to suit individual users. Different variations of the FlowMotion mechanism, a selection of backrests, armrests, seats and bases, along with a broad array of colours and fabrics, enable every user and company to find the perfect ID Chair – whether for an open-plan setting, individual or team offices, conference areas or management offices. Despite the many possible variations, it always remains essentially the same chair in look and construction – with benefits for companies in terms of aesthetics, maintenance and service.

Functional office chair

An office swivel chair that is individually tailored to individual users, teams or situations in terms of function, comfort and aesthetics has a decisive influence on productivity, health and well-being in the workplace.

The office swivel chair family consists of many building blocks that can be used to meet a wide variety of requirements in terms of aesthetics, materials, intended use and price. Based on the different cover fabric models ( Mesh , Soft and Trim), over 8000 different ID chairs can be configured by combining 4 mechanisms, 3 armrests, 3 bases and 2 frame colors.

ID Mesh with upholstered mesh back

The back of the ID Mesh , consisting of the two plastic parts stirrup and lumbar support, provides support in the lumbar area and flexibility in the upper area of the backrest. The frame is covered with the upholstery fabric Diamond Mesh or Silk Mesh attached. Silk Mesh and Diamond Mesh are three-dimensional spacer fabrics which, due to their depth and structure, accommodate the user in their contours. Diamond Mesh with its expressive graphic structure is light, transparent and air-permeable, yet comfortable like a thin cushion. Silk Mesh is visually closed, but offers the same features. The integrated lumbar support can be adjusted in height to the contour of the back.